Russia Throws Tantrum Over ‘Crazy’ American Women in Government squib

Alex Wong/Getty Images

On Tuesday, talks between Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland and Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov ended with a dramatic threat to potentially shutter all Russian diplomatic missions if the U.S. didn’t lift all sanctions against Moscow. Nuland’s response? A resounding “Nyet,” much to Ryabkov dismay.

But Russia’s attitude towards Nuland goes beyond her politics: Apparently, Moscow’s misogynists would rather not deal with a woman at all.

Russian state media led the charge in covering Nuland as the subject of a “Fashion Police” segment, as opposed to a U.S. government official who should be taken with any modicum of seriousness. State media outlet Ria Novosti, typically known for its dry news coverage, led with a headline that read: “Nuland arrived at the Foreign Ministry in a crimson suit.” The piece mused about Nuland’s “colorful outfit” and her “unusual striped booties.”

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