You Don't Need a Fancy Machine to Make Strong, Flavorful Espresso—Try This Italian-Style Moka Pot Instead squib

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Coffee lovers have opinions as strong as the beverage itself when it comes to how to make the best cup of espresso. After spending a few weeks in Italy, I’m convinced there’s no better way than the traditional, stove-top Moka pots found in every Italian home. And luckily, they cost just slightly more than $20—a refreshing break from high-tech, pricey machines – and have none of the environmental hazards of disposable pods. My preferred pick is made by NY-based brand, Bellemain (with all due respect to the Italian innovator buried in an urn based on his coffee pot’s design).

It’s the simplest of gadgets, with little to break or replace. You add filtered water, then finely ground (make sure it’s very fine) dark espresso roast– screw the top on and brew on any stovetop. Your espresso’s ready as soon as the water boils, unlike a French press. Follow these steps (and crucially: no soap when rinsing the pot)–and you too can experience the deep, dark espresso that bulky machines could only hope to produce.

My kitchen smells like an Italian cafe in the morning, and guests are always appreciative of the perceived labor that went into their cups. The full flavor profile of the beans comes though, though a dash of oat milk completes the daily ritual for me. As they say in Italy, mi piace (I like)!

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