Why Auli'i Cravalho Is Hollywood's Bisexual Queen squib

Photo Illustration by Luis G. Rendon/The Daily Beast/Getty

Auli’i Cravalho is so excited about her new rom-com Crush that she says everything twice. To fall for a girl is not simply exciting; it’s enthralling—enthralling! To have such representation in movies for younger queer folks isn’t just amazing. It’s groundbreaking. Ground. Breaking.

Though the concept of Crush may not be all that original in its rom-com form—and though she hasn’t seen many rom-coms, Cravalho understands this, noting the tropes, the slow burn, the love triangle, the enemies-to-lovers of it all—the execution of its queer storyline is something new. The characters are already out, an aspect Cravalho is proud to spotlight.

“It’s just important to have films that show what happens the day after you come out, and the day after that,” Cravalho says. “Because you’re more than your sexuality. To have a coming-of-age rom-com that focuses on the love instead of how someone is loving? It’s kind of groundbreaking in its own way.”

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