You Can Personalize These Speakers With Your Favorite Photos, and the Results Are So Cute squib

Life just wouldn't be the same without music. Nothing beats enjoying your favorite slow tunes while it rains outside, dancing while cleaning the kitchen, or working out your frustrations to beats in the gym. Your playlists are basically the soundtrack to your life, so why shouldn't your gadgets reflect your personality as well? Good thing JBL has you covered. The audio company is selling portable Bluetooth speakers that are not only waterproof and come in three different shapes, but they can also be customized to fit your taste! You can pick different colors and patterns, but the best part is you can add text and your own images to it. Have a favorite shot of you and your bestie? Put it on a speaker! What about an epic photo from your travels? Put it on a speaker! Check out the options ahead that also make great gifts.

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