The Leftovers: a perfectly grim but utterly compelling post-apocalypse drama squib

Justin Theroux’s troubled cop is at the centre of a town torn to pieces by the mysterious disappearance of 2% of the population

On an otherwise eventless Friday night – before the return of my beloved Real Housewives of both New York and Beverly Hills – I used to line up episodes of “semi-aspirational working girl” shows (see: Younger and The Bold Type) to watch somewhat secretly while my partner was away on tour. A few months ago I ran out of that particular glossy genre and finally succumbed to the show recommended to me so many times that it had dulled my interest. About halfway into the first episode I thought, “Oh, I should save this to watch together.” Five hours later, my neck was cricked, my wine bottle empty, a pizza eaten (delivered somewhere between episodes three and four), and I realised I’d have to watch half a season again when she returned. And I didn’t mind at all.

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