This Etsy Shop Sells Dog Breed-Inspired Candles, And I'm Going to Need One of Each! squib

From Starbucks puppuccinos to long walks down the treat aisle at Petco, there's nothing I love more than spoiling my four-legged friend. And while buying a fresh bone or new toy is a sure way to make my dog happy, I like finding things the both of us can enjoy together like playing outside or curling up on the couch - we love to cuddle! When hanging around the house, I usually light a candle as a stress reliever, but finding a non-toxic option can be a bit difficult and expensive, and with a dog who has severe allergies, I'm constantly watching what fragrances I bring into my home.

Thankfully, I came across DogueHaus on Etsy, a company that creates luxurious yet affordable non-toxic home fragrances for pet owners. Every candle is hand-poured with vegan wax that includes a soy blend, making the fragrances phthalates-free and pet-safe! Although I have to admit, what originally sold me on DogueHaus' candles was how each one is inspired by a specific dog breed. Love your Retriever so much you would put their silhouette on a candle? No problem, they have that!

DogueHaus guarantees that their 14-ounce candles have a 75-hour burn time, giving me plenty of time to (safely) hang out with my pet while also leaving my home smelling fresh and clean. It's basically the best of both worlds, and you bet I'll be buying one of each!

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