Can’t Grocery Shop? Maybe It’s Time to Try Blue Apron with $60 Off Your First Three Boxes squib

Going to the grocery store and waiting in line right now isn’t the most convenient thing. Instead, why not just get it delivered straight to your door? I’ve always been a fan of meal kits and Blue Apron was the first one I tried. You get days worth of ingredients, pre-portioned to fit the servings you choose, so you don’t end up with things you don’t need (storage space is valuable these days). If you’ve never gotten on board with the meal kit trend, now’s a great time to try it because you can get $60 off your first three boxes from Blue Apron for Memorial Day. You can choose your own dietary restrictions, when you want to get the delivery, and how many servings come in each box. It’s the perfect thing for a family right now, so you’re not struggling to plan a week’s worth of meals in one hectic trip to the grocery store. 

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